(a) Embryonic heart (33 days)
(b) Newborn heart
(c) Adult heart
Figure 4: Neural crest embryological remnants in the adult heart and localization of cardiac myxomas. (a) Embryonic heart. Blue stars indicate the localization of neural crest cells from the pharyngeal mesoderm, which migrate through the aortic arch arteries to the outflow tract and the endocardial cushions. (b) Newborn heart. The Fossa ovalis in the adult heart is an embryonic remnant of the foramen ovale, which closes shortly after birth. (c) Adult heart. Red crosses indicate the attachment of HSV particles to cardiac myxomas. Blue stars indicate autonomic nerve fibers. RA: right atrium, RV: right ventricle, LA: left atrium, and LV: left ventricle.