Figure 4: Activation of AMPK does not alter the subcellular distribution of Flag- NT-PGC-1α in muscle fibers. (a) The n/c fluorescence ratio of Flag-NT-PGC-1α in muscle fibers with (AICAR) or without (control) 2 mM AICAR treatment for 5 h in culture medium in the tissue culture incubator. n/c values from 20 nuclei from 20 randomly selected different fibers were averaged to give the mean value for each group. (b) Representative Western blots showing the effect of AICAR treatment on AMPK activation. Protein expression was quantified and averaged from 5 independent treatments. Phos AMPK, phospho-AMPK. Asterisk indicates statistical significance between groups at 𝑃 < 0 . 0 5 .