Figure 1: CD40-B cell and DC immunizations generate effectors expressing similar levels of IL-6R . (a) Expression of IL-6R by OVA-specific Te cells at the peak of the T cell response (day 4). 106 female OT-I T cells (CD8+CD45.2+) were adoptively transferred into congenic B6.SJL female mice (CD45.1+) followed by immunization two days later with LPS-matured unloaded CD40-B cells (CD40-B), LPS-matured CD40-B cells loaded with the OVA peptide (CD40-B OVA) or LPS-matured DCs loaded with the OVA peptide (DC OVA). The representative overlay histograms show expression of IL-6R by OVA-specific Te cells (CD8+CD45.2+) and endogenous T cells (CD8+CD45.2). The upper bold number indicates the mean fluorescence intensity (MFI) of OVA-specific Te cells while the lower number is for the endogenous CD8+ T cells. (b) Quantification of IL-6R expression by effectors. The MFI of IL-6R expression by effector CD8+ T cells (CD8+CD45.2+) was normalized to the MFI of the recipient CD8+ T cells (CD8+CD45.2). Each dot represents one mouse. (c) CD40-B cells produce less IL-6 than DCs. Supernatants from CD40-B LPS or DC LPS culture were used to measure IL-6 secretion by ELISA. Mean SEM is shown for 3 independent experiments. * and *** .