Figure 3: Normal generation of CD8+ effector and memory T cells following vaccination with IL-6-deficient DCs. (a) Vaccination with WT or IL-6 KO DCs generates OVA-specific CD8+ Te cells and Tm cells. 106 female OT-I T cells (CD8+CD45.2+) were adoptively transferred into congenic B6.SJL female mice (CD45.1+) followed by immunization two days later with WT or IL-6 KO DCs, matured with LPS and loaded or not with OVA peptide. Te and Tm cells were identified as CD8+CD45.2+ by flow cytometry. The percentage of Te and Tm cells generated are indicated on each dot plot. (b) Quantification of CD8+ T cell response. Percentage of CD8+ Te (day 4, left panel) and Tm (day 45, middle panel) cells in one lymph node is shown. The yield of Tm cell formation was calculated as the percentage of Te cells that develop into Tm cells (right panel). The results are from two independent experiments with at least three mice per group. NS, non-significant.