Research Article

Generation of Leukemia Inhibitory Factor-Dependent Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells from the Massachusetts General Hospital Miniature Pig

Figure 5

In vitro and in vivo differentiation of porcine iPSCs. (a) Embryoid bodies were cultured in stem cell media without LIF and bFGF for 10 days. (b) RT-PCR analysis shows that all differentiation makers for the three germ layers were expressed in the EBs of A15 and A10, but mesoderm markers, T (brachyury) and Criptic, were not expressed in those of A10. To test the in vivo differentiation of porcine iPSCs, A10 and A15 lines were injected subcutaneously into a nude mouse. Only the A15 cell line formed teratomas, which were dissected 9 weeks after injection. Hematoxylin-eosin staining shows three types of tissues: (c) mesoderm, cartilage tissue; (d) ectoderm, neuronal tissue; (e) endoderm, glandular epithelium.