Table 1: Patient’s clinical characteristics.

CharacteristicsPatients ( )

Age, years
 (mean, median 58; range 23–84)
Tumor histotype
 Serous 8365
 Undifferentiated 1210
 Clear cell1210
 Others + mixed21
Tumor stage (FIGO)
 I 2419
 Not available11
Tumor grade
 1: well differentiated97
 2: moderately differentiated4838
 3: poorly differentiated5342
 Not available53
Amount of residual disease
 <1 cm 1915
 >1 cm4636
 Not available1512
Frontline treatment
 Platinum without taxanes8164
 Other or not available32
Response to frontline treatment*
 Complete 5746
 Partial 2118
 No response 2118
 Not available 21 18

Abbreviations: FIGO: International Federation of Gynecological and Obstetrics staging system. NED: not evident disease. Untreated patients are not included.