Table 1: Body length (SL) and sample sizes ( ) of males used for the analyses of body colouration and general habitat properties in terms of light availability and turbidity.

Population originN Standard length ± SELight availabilityTurbidity [NTU]

Arroyo Bonita (AB)12 ++0.0
El Azufre (EA)9 ++67.0–104.3
Cueva del Azufre (CA-II, chamber II)22 o81.4
Cueva del Azufre (CA-V, chamber V)40 45.3–85.0
Cueva del Azufre (CA-X, chamber X)8 −−39.0–74.6

Light availability is defined as ++: regular surface waters; +: surface water with reduced light availability due to high turbidity; o: cave habitat with dim light available through skylights; −: cave habitat with dim light available only in some areas; −−: perpetually dark cave habitat. Turbidity was measured using a shuttered turbidity probe in nephelometric turbidity units (NTU); data were taken from Tobler et al. (2006) [17].