Table 1: The criteria guidelines for evaluation using problem-based learning (PBL) scale.

ScoresParticipation and communicationCooperation/team building skillsComprehension/reasoning skillsKnowledge/information gathering skills

1Does not speak to others
Does not respond to verbal/nonverbal cues.
Unwilling to take up any task
Does not contribute to identify learning issues.
Does not demonstrate understanding/clarification of learning concepts.Dose not prepare for the

2Responds to verbal cues and rarely asks questions.Rarely participates and takes up the task only when asked.Understands of tasks only under considerable guidance.Prepares only for certain issues.

3Responds to both verbal/nonverbal cues
Occasionally asks questions.
Participation in most learning cases.Understanding of tasks under little guidance.Preparation for most learning issues.

4Regularly asks questions and present the ideas clearly.Participates regularly and encourages others to participate.Clearly understands of the concepts and draws valid conclusions.Prepares well and recognizes integration of knowledge when explained by others.

5Demonstres of listening and summarization skills and is able to lead the discussion of a groupOrganizes a group and can make others to actively participate in group activitiesExplains concepts clearly and can find flaws in the data with good reasoningPrepares well for the sessions by identifying key references.