Research Article

FISH Detection of PML-RARA Fusion in ins(15;17) Acute Promyelocytic Leukaemia Depends on Probe Size

Table 1

Case no. Age/sex WBC
× 109/L
Dx DIC KaryotypeFISH probes* PML- BCR# Treatment protocol Survival (months)
SF (A)DF (A)BA (A)ES (C)DF (C)

122/F0.6M3No46,XXNTNT ++1ALLG APML3 protocol [10]2+
225/F6.5M3Yes46,XX−/+NT+NT1Modified Pethema protocol [11]103+
add(5)(q12) /46,XY
NTNT ++1Nil0
430/F1.9M3Yes46,XX,add(7)(q22) /
NT++1/2ALLG APML4 protocol [12]1
543/M2.0M3Yes46,XYNT−/+++3ALLG APML3 protocol119+
750/F11.5M3Yes46,XX−/+NT+NT3Modified Pethema protocol105+
/45,X,-Y /46,XY
NT++1ALLG APML4 protocol17+
959/M6M3Yes46,XYNTNT++1ALLG APML4 protocol41+
1078/F7.5M3Yes46,XXNTNT++3ALLG APLM3 protocol55+

FISH probes abbreviations: SF(A): single fusion probe—LSI PML/RARA dual colour translocation probe (Abbott Molecular Inc.); DF(A): dual fusion probe—LSI PML/RARA dual colour dual fusion translocation probe (Abbott); BA(A): break apart probe—LSI RARA dual colour break apart rearrangement probe (Abbott); ES(C): extra signal probe—PML/RARA translocation probe (Cytocell); DF(C): dual fusion probe—PML/RARA translocation dual colour probe (Cytocell); NT: not tested; NA: not available; −: not visible; −/+: only visible via single band-pass filters; +: observed; #PML/RARA RT-PCR identification of the variant transcripts: 1 refers to the PML bcr1 within intron 6 and 2 to the PML bcr2 with variable breakpoints within exon 6 and 3 to PML bcr3 within intron 3 [13].