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Analysis of Structures and Epitopes of Surface Antigen Glycoproteins Expressed in Bradyzoites of Toxoplasma gondii

Table 2

Parameters for predicted best 3-D model.

NameC-scoreaTM-scorebRMSDbNo. of decoyscCluster densityd

SAG2C−2.18 0.46 0.1511.8 4.54600.0285
SAG2D−1.450.54 0.158.5 4.546620.0842
SAG2X−2.220.45 0.1511.9 4.44550.0280
SAG2Y−1.590.52 0.159.9 4.628770.0525

C-score is a confidence score for estimating the quality of predicted models by I-TASSER. C-score is typically in the range of [−5, 2], where a C-score of higher value signifies a model with a high confidence and vice versa.
bTM-score and RMSD are known standards for measuring structural similarity between two structures which are usually used to measure the accuracy of structure modeling when the native structure is known.
cNumber of decoys represents the number of structural decoys that are used in generating each model.
dCluster density represents the density of cluster.