Table 6: The symbol and the dimension of feature sets that are configured by the object features and combined features.

ObjectSymbolFeature setDimension

NENCNFClassical nonepithelial nuclei features12

LumenCLFClassical lumen features12
PLFProposed lumen features4

ENCEFClassical epithelial nuclei features12
PEFProposed epithelial nuclei features2

DuctCDFClassical duct features (CLF  +  CEF)24
PDFProposed duct features (PLF  +  PEF)6

TissueCTFClassical features extracted from three objects (CLF  +  CEF  +  CNF)36
PTFProposed features extracted from three objects (PLF  +  PEF  +  CNF)18
ATFAll features (CLF  +  CEF  +  PLF  +  PEF  +  CNF) 42