Table 1: Correlation analyses of the change in peak vertical force measurement and magnetic resonance imaging over the different phases of functional impairment before (Baseline) and following cranial cruciate ligament transection in five dogs.

OsteophytesJoint effusionFocal cartilage changesBMLsMeniscal tearsCartilage volume loss

Phase of functional impairment nadir

Phase of remission

Nonsignificant at 5% level (NS).
Spearman coefficients ( ).
Probability value ( ).
Bone marrow lesions (BMLs).
T1-weighted three-dimensional fast gradient recalled echo (T1w-GRE).
T2-weighted fast spin echo sequence with fat saturation (T2w-FS).
The changes in the phase of functional impairment nadir were calculated using week four values minus Baseline. The changes in the phase of remission were calculated using week 26 values minus week four.