Table 1: Cloud-based bioinformatics tools.


Sequence alignment
Cloud-CoffeeMultiple sequence alignment[15]
USMMapReduce solution to sequence comparison[16]

Sequence mapping and assembly
CloudBurstReference-based read mapping[17]
CloudAlignerShort read mapping[18]
SEALShort read mapping and duplicate removal[19]
CrossbowCombine sequence aligner Bowtie and the SNP caller SOAPsnp [20][21]
ContrailDe novo assembly[22]
EoulsanSequencing data analysis[23]
QuakeQuality-aware detection and correction of sequencing errors[24]

Gene expression
MyrnaDifferential expression analysis for RNA-seq[25]
FXRNA-seq analysis tool[26]
ArrayExpressHTSRNA-seq process and quality assessment[27]

Comprehensive application
BioVLabA virtual collaborative lab for biomedical applications[28]
Hadoop-BAMDirectly manipulate NGS data[29]
SeqWareA scalable NoSQL database for NGS data[30]
PeakRangerPeak caller for ChIP-seq data[31]
YunBeGene set analysis for biomarker identification[32]
GATKGenome analysis toolkit[33]
Cloud BioLinuxA virtual machine with over 135 bioinformatics packages[34]
CloVRA virtual machine for automated sequence analysis[35]