Table 7: Histological finding in experimental models of isolated perfused model and hepatic steatosis.

AuthorAnimalSteatosis model% steatosisType of steatosisDuration of ischemia (mins)PerfusateDuration of reperfusion (mins)Outcome measuresEffect of hepatic steatosis

von Heesen et al. [54]RatFFD-C40–50MaS24 hoursHTK60Histo Necrosis
Baskin-Bey et al. [55]MouseCMDD>40MaS24 hoursUW60Histo Liver injury
Arnault et al. [56]RatHFD80–100MiS12, 18, or 24 hoursUW180Histo Haemorrhage1

CMDD: choline-methionine-deficient diet; HFD: high-fat diet; FFD-C: fat-free diet enriched with carbohydrate; Histo: histology; HTK: histidine-tryptophan-ketoglutarate solution; MaS: macrovesicular steatosis; MiS: microvesicular steatosis; UW: University of Wisconsin solution.
Only in livers preserved for 24 hours.