Table 1: Studies on β-glucosidase from different strains of Trichoderma fungus.

S. no.Trichoderma strainβ-glucosidaseIsolation strategiesReferences

1T. citrinoviride Extracellular
Protein purification, biochemical and proteomic characterization[28]
2T. reesei TrBgl2Mutational studies involving active site residues of the enzyme[35]
3T. reesei QM9414bgl1Overexpression of bgl1 from Periconia sp. in T. reesei QM9414 under T. reesei tef1α promoter [37]
4Recombinant T. reesei strain, X3AB1bgl1Construction of T. reesei strain expressing A. aculeatus bg1 under control of xyn3 promoter[38]
5T. reesei bgl IMolecular cloning and expression in Pichia pastoris [39]
6T. reesei CL847BGL1Protein purification and kinetic characterization[3]
7T. reesei β-Glucosidase (cel3a)Molecular cloning and expression in T. reesei [40]
8T. ressei β-Glucosidase BGLII (Cel1A)Molecular cloning, expression in E. coli, and characterization [41]
9T. harzianum C-4Protein purification and biochemical characterization[42]
10T. reesei BGL2Molecular cloning and expression in Aspergillus oryzae [43]
11T. harzianum strain P11,3-β-GlucosidaseProtein purification and characterization[44]
12T. reesei QM9414Aryl-β-D-glucosidaseProtein purification and characterization[45]
13T. viride β-Gluc IProtein purification and biochemical characterization[46]
14T. viride QM9414 mutantsBiochemical studies (pH control)[16]