Research Article

Modification of a Rodent Hindlimb Model of Secondary Lymphedema: Surgical Radicality versus Radiotherapeutic Ablation

Figure 3

Coculture of MDSCs with the supernatant of HLECs demonstrates differentiation of MDSCs towards the lymphatic lineage. (a) The coculture MDSC + HLEC (50% sup.) shows a change in morphology, as shown by the change from a spindled shape (MDSC) to a rounder shape, resembling the morphology of HLECs. The coculture also shows positive expression of Prox-1 under DAB and IF staining, while native MDSCs show negative expression (400x magnification). (b) Graphical representation of Prox-1 expression rate showing 70% expression in the coculture compared to negative expression in native MDSCs.