Figure 2: Identification of the adherent cells derived from UCs. (a) Third-passage adherent cells were positive for CD73 (91.19%), CD90 (96.12%), and CD105 (95.33%) and negative for CD34 (0.73%) and CD45 (1.63%), as analyzed by flow cytometry. (b) Human UCMSCs treated with adipocytic inductive medium (AM), but not the controls, were stained with Oil Red O. Scale bar = 100 μm. (c) Immunocytochemistry revealed that stained cells were not observed in the control conditions. Human UCMSCs induced with neural-inductive medium (NM) were positive for nestin. Scale bar = 100 μm. (d) Human UCMSCs in control conditions were not stained. The cells cultured in osteogenic-inductive medium (OM) were stained with Alizarin Red S. Scale bar = 100 μm.