Table 3: Prognostic value of stress-induced variation in cardiovascular hemodynamics in patients with negative stress echocardiography.

AUC95% CI =Cut pointSensitivitySpecificityYouden index

Exercise stress echo
E LVI reserve, mmHg · mL−1 · m−20.8710.802–0.9400.0001.3486%83%1.69
I, reserve, mmHg · mL−1 · m−20.6610.550–0.7720.007165%66%1.3
E LVI/ I reserve0.7040.624–0.7850.0000.3957%90%1.46
Cardiac index reserve, L · min · m−20.5720.456–0.6870.200
PVA reserve, mmHg · mL−1 · m−20.5820.471–0.6930.145
LV ejection fraction reserve %0.5890.480–0.6960.084
SVR reserve, dyn · s−1 · cm−50.4400.325–0.5550.307

Dipyridamole stress echo
E LVI reserve, mmHg · mL−1 · m−20.6480.597–0.6980.0000.4654%90%1.44
I, reserve mmHg · mL−1 · m−20.5470.465–0.6290.213
E LVI/ I reserve0.6960.645–0.7480.0000.2660%82%1.42
Cardiac index reserve, (L · min · m−2)0.6630.592–0.7340.0000.65758%75%1.33
PVA reserve, mmHg · mL−1 · m−20.5160.439–0.5930.677
LV ejection fraction reserve (%)0.6060.545–0.6670.0039%41%85%1.26
SVR reserve, (dyn · s−1 · cm−5)0.4520.367–0.5370.204

Dobutamine stress echo
E LVI reserve mmHg · mL−1 · m−20.8480.789–0.9060.0000.5680%73%1.53
I, reserve mmHg · mL−1 · m−20.6880.605–0.7700.0000.5646%86%1.32
E LVI/ I reserve0.7290.648–0.8110.0000.2274621.36
Cardiac index reserve, (L · min · m−2)0.5940.497–0.6920.062
PVA reserve, mmHg · mL−1 · m−20.4960.386–0.6070.984
LV ejection fraction reserve (%)0.5890.488–0.6910.080
SVR Reserve, (dyn · s−1 · cm−5)0.4160.308–0.5250.107

E LVI/ I: ventricular-arterial coupling ratio; I: effective arterial elastance; E LVI: left ventricular end-systolic elastance; PVA: pressure-volume area; and SVR: systemic vascular resistance.