Figure 4: (a) SybrGreen-stained agarose gel illustrating the PCR products of human ACTB, Rac1, V4UPM-HN, and Ras genes. (M) represents the molecular weight of the marker. (1) Human ACTB 171 bp, (2) human ACTB nontemplate control (NTC), (3) Rac1 gene 125 bp, (4) Rac1 NTC, (5) V4UPM-HN gene 79 bp, (6) V4UPM-HN NTC, (7) Ras gene 70 bp, and (8) Ras NTC. For the V4UPM-HN gene, RNA was extracted from the infected EGAS, indicating the existence of viral gene in the EGAS tissue. (b) Analysis of qRT-PCR for relative expression of mRNA transcripts is determined by the relative expression ratio method via REST-MCS and the Pair Wise Fixed Reallocation Randomisation Test.