Figure 1: HOTAIR is upregulated in lymph node metastasis of melanoma. (a) Expression profiles of lncRNAs in melanoma and matched lymph node metastatic tissues. Quantitative RT-PCR was performed on 6 lncRNAs in melanoma and their matched metastatic tissue samples. HOTAIR expression was summarized in the insert. ** . (b) GEO analysis of HOTAIR in 4 types of specimens and several disease states related to melanoma. The image was adapted from the GEO website. (A) Epidermal melanocyte culture; (B) epidermal keratinocyte culture; (C) metastatic melanoma cell culture; (D) biopsy. (1) Normal; (2) benign nevus; (3) atypical nevus; (4) melanoma in situ; (5) vertical growth phase melanoma; (6) metastatic growth phase melanoma; (7) lymph node metastasis.