Figure 1: Effect of barley bran and oat bran supplementation for 2 months on renal tissue structure in rats with induced hypercholesterolemia. (a) Kidney renal tissues of control group showing normal renal structure with regulated nuclear arrangement of uriniferous tubules (small arrow) and collecting tubules (long arrow) with glomerulus (G), (b) renal tissues of hypercholesterolemic group showing bale renal tissues showing disrupted small uriniferous tubule (short arrow) and small Bowman’s capsule with dilated urinary space. The renal tubules appeared irregular, dilated, and shrinkage of the glomerulus which led to dilated urinary and collecting tubule space (long arrow), (c) renal tissues of oat bran-treated group showing convoluted urineferous tubules (small arrow) with certain arranged collecting tubules (long arrow), and (d) renal tissues of barley bran supplementation: the sections looked to be restoring the normal appearance, and the deposition of cholesterol was decreased in the kidney which showed well-defined urinary tubules (short arrow) and collecting tubules (long arrow). ×200 (H&E stains).