Table 1: Commercially relevant enzymes produced by actinomycetes.

EnzymeUse Industry of application

Cheese makingFood
Clarification- low calorie beerBrewing
Treatment of blood clotMedicine

CellulaseRemoval of stainsDetergent
Denim finishing, softening of cottonTextile
Deinking, modification of fibersPaper and pulp

LipaseRemoval of stainsDetergent
Stability of dough and conditioningBaking
Cheese flavoringDairy
Deinking, cleaningTextile

XylanaseConditioning of doughBaking
DigestibilityAnimal feed
Bleach boostingPaper and pulp

PectinaseClarification, mashingBeverage

AmylaseRemoval of stainsDetergent
Softness of bread softness and volumeBaking
Deinking, drainage improvementPaper and pulp
Production of glucose and fructose syrupsStarch industry
Removal of starch from woven fabricsTextile

Glucose oxidaseStrengthening of doughBaking

LipoxygenaseBread whiteningBaking

PhytasePhytate digestibility Animal feed

Peroxidase Removal of excess dyeTextile