Figure 4: Evaluation of the proliferation rate of antigen-specific immune cells. Total leukocytes from mesenteric lymph nodes of tamoxifen-treated, vehicle-treated, and control hamsters were separately cultured in triplicate in presence of 15 μg/well of T. solium total antigen. Proliferation rate was estimated after 48 hours under described conditions. No significant differences in the leukocyte proliferation rate were observed among experimental groups. Control = Nonmanipulated animals, infected with four viable cysticerci each; Vehicle = animals subcutaneously treated with 0.06% ethanol-saline solution, infected with four viable cysticerci each; Tamoxifen = animals subcutaneously treated with 1 mg/Kg BW tamoxifen. Data were pooled from two independent experiments using ten animals per group in each experimental series and cysticerci obtained from two different pigs. Data are expressed as mean ± standard deviation. Differences were considered significant when .