Research Article

Characterization of an Antihypertensive Angiotensin I-Converting Enzyme Inhibitory Peptide from the Edible Mushroom Hypsizygus marmoreus

Table 1

Comparison of sequence and ACE inhibitory activity between ACE inhibitory peptides from some mushrooms and Hypsizygus  marmoreus in this study.

MushroomsPeptide Molecular
weight (Da)

Pleurotus cornucopiae RLPSEFDLSAFLRA1622.850.460 Jang et al. 2011 [11]
Pholiota adiposa GOGGP414.000.044Koo et al. 2006 [10]
Tricholoma giganteum GOP301.100.040Lee et al. 2004 [9]
Hypsizygus marmoreus LSMGSASLSP567.300.190This study

Captopril17.9 nMcommercial drug

The concentration of an ACE inhibitor required to inhibit 50% of ACE activity.