Table 6: Comparisons of different search criteria and software for SSR development.

Wöhrmann and Weising [6]Ong et al. [19]In this study

Software to assemble ESTsGeneious 5.0 softwareSeqMan softwareStackPACK v2.2 program
Software to search SSRsSciROKOSynaRex toolMISA
Search criteriaMono- ≥ 15, di- ≥ 7, tri-, tetra-, penta-, hexa- ≥ 5Di- ≥ 8, tri- ≥ 6, tetra- ≥ 5Mono- ≥ 10, di-, tri- ≥ 6, tetra-, penta-, hexa- ≥ 5
No. of ESTs analysised5659 Moyle et al. [20]5931 Moyle et al. [20], Ong et al. [19]5659 Moyle et al. [20]
No. of SSRs identified581416588
No. of SSR motif types42544
Frequency of SSRs1/4.1 KBNot mentioned1/3.73 KB
SSRs for primerdesign537133588
No. of di-240203381
No. of tri-251213158
No. of (CG)n201

Mono-, di-, tri-, tetra-, penta- and hexa- represent mononucleotide repeats, dinucleotide repeats, trinucleotide repeats, tetranucleotide repeats and hexanucleotide repeats, respectively.