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A Systematic Review of Effects of Concurrent Strength and Endurance Training on the Health-Related Quality of Life and Cardiopulmonary Status in Patients with HIV/AIDS

Table 3

Effects of concurrent training on the cardiopulmonary status.

Maximal exercise capacity
Before − After valueMean difference (CI) for between-group comparison value

Mutimura et al., 2008 [24]
 Control0.5 (0.3)NR
 CT4.7 (3.9)NR4.2 (NE)
Hand et al., 2008 [25]
 Control0 (3.0)NS
 CT8.3 (3.1) NENE
Pérez-Morenoet al., 2007 [26]
 Control0 (0.0)NS10.0 (NE)
 CT10 (1.0)
Dolan et al., 2006 [27]
 Control−2.5 (1.8)NR
 CT1.5 (0.8)NR1.0 (NE)
Fillipaset al., 2006 [28]
 Control0.6 (2.9)NR
 CT−19.6 (11.7)NR−20.2 (−25.8 to −14.6)
 CT3 (0/4)NR3.0 (NE)
Driscoll et al., 2004 [29]
 Control0 (0/1)NR
 CT3 (0/4)NR3.0 (NE)
Rojas et al., 2003 [30]
 CT2.99 (0.38)
Rigsby et al., 1992 [31]
 Control18.18 (NR)NR
 CT392.31 (NR)NR374.13 (NE)

CT: concurrent training, NE: not estimated, NR: not reported. Data are reported as mean (SD) or as mean (95% confidence interval (CI)).