Table 2: Response to induction vincristine-adriamycin-dexamethasone (VAD) regimen and high dose therapy (HDT).

Arm AArm B

Median no. of course of VAD (range)3 (3-4)3 (3)1.000
Response to VAD1.000
Median no. of CD34 (106/kg) infused (range)6.75 (3.6–9.14)4.9 (4.12–6.21)0.167
Response to HDT1.000
Toxic death001.000
Death due to disease progress111.000
Overall survival, day (median)1223 (709–1659)1566 (737–2160)0.515
Progression-free survival, day (median)982 (607–1456)1101 (677–1475)0.387

CR: complete response; VGPR: very good partial response; PR: partial response.