Table 4: Association of FTO rs9939609 variant with anthropometric and metabolic traits in >18 years old female subjects using dominant model.

TT TA/AA GLM valueBMI adjusted value -test value

Body weight (Kg) <0.001*<0.001*0.04*
Height (m) 0.1 0.10.03*
BMI (Kg/m2) <0.001*<0.001*0.01*
Waist circumference (cm) <0.001*<0.001*0.01*
Hip (cm) <0.001*<0.001*0.02*
WHR <0.001*<0.001*0.06
SBP (mmHg) <0.001*<0.001*0.003*
DBP (mmHg) <0.001*0.001*0.16
FBS (mg/dL) <0.001*0.001*0.008*
Insulin (µIU/mL) 0.20.001*0.20
HOMA-IR 0.03*<0.001*0.02*
Leptin (ng/mL) 0.3<0.001*0.18
Leptin receptor (ng/mL) 0.03*<0.001*0.03*

Data are presented as mean ± SEM and were compared by -test and GLM after adjusting the data for BMI. was considered as significant.