Figure 1: Specificity analyses of the the two-tube assay based on the automatic electrophoresis. All positive controls were identified successfully, and no mispriming was observed in either tube. Lanes 1 to 9 show the results of amplification of HRV (148 bp), FluB (171 bp), CoV 229E (189 bp), CoV OC43 (208 bp), CoV HKU1 (226 bp), FluA (sH1N1) (257 bp and 276 bp), FluA (H3N2) (276 bp), PIV1 (286 bp) and Adv (342 bp), respectively. Lanes 11–17 show the results of amplification of RSVA (163 bp), CoV NL63 (179 b), PIV2 (198 bp), HMPV (212 bp), PIV3 (233 bp), RSVB (280 bp), and HBoV (298 bp), respectively. For the viral targets that used clinical specimens as positive controls, including HBoV, CoV HKU1, and CoV NL63, a single PCR product was detected in addition to the internal control peak (126 bp). Lanes 10 and 18 are the negative controls (distilled water) of tube 1 and tube 2, respectively. Lane MM, molecular marker.