Figure 3: Biological characteristics of cardiac primitive cells isolated from adult human heart with ischemic heart disease cultured in the presence of ECM typical of normal and pathological adult human heart. Proliferation (a), apoptosis (b), and migration (c) were influenced by the type of the substrate. Representative images of incorporated BrdU (for evaluation of proliferation), nick end-incorporated nucleotides (for evaluation of apoptosis) immunofluorescent staining (scale bar corresponds to 50 μm), and scratch wound assay at baseline and after 6 hours (for evaluation of migration, scale bar corresponds to 100 μm) are shown beside the corresponding graphs. CTR: cells grown on bovine serum albumin; Bm-N: cells grown on biomatrix synthesised by fibroblasts from normal adult human hearts; Bm-P: cells grown on biomatrix synthesised by fibroblasts from hearts with ischemic cardiopathy. < 0,05 versus CTR; < 0,05 versus Bm-N.