Table 1: List of parasite species including their specificity (S: specialist, G: generalist), host species from which the parasite species was sequenced, and localities of collection and accession number. Host specificity was delimited using published records (see Section 2.)

Fish speciesThaparocleidus speciesLocationAccession number

Pangasius nasutus T. caecus 1 (G)BorneoFJ493153
T. alatus 2 (S)Batang Hari River (Sumatra)FJ493156
T. citreum Musi River (Sumatra)FJ493145
T. alatus 1 (S)Musi River (Sumatra)FJ493146

Pangasius micronema T. durandi 1 (S)BorneoFJ493151
T. durandi 2 (S)Batang Hari River (Sumatra)FJ493162
T. rukyanii 2 (S)Batang Hari River (Sumatra)FJ493163
T. tacitus (S)Batang Hari River (Sumatra)FJ493161
T. lebrunae (G)Batang Hari River (Sumatra)FJ493165
T. summagracilis 2 (S) Batang Hari River (Sumatra)FJ493164
T. sinepinae (G)Musi River (Sumatra)FJ493147
T. rukyanii 1 (S)Musi River (Sumatra)FJ493148
T. summagracilis 1 (S) Musi River (Sumatra)FJ493149

Pangasius djambal T. komarudini (G)Batang Hari River (Sumatra)FJ493154
T. combesi (G)Batang Hari River (Sumatra)FJ493155

Pangasius polyuranodon T. crassipenis (S)Batang Hari River (Sumatra)FJ493157
T. levangi (S)Batang Hari River (Sumatra)FJ493158
T. legendrei (S)Batang Hari River (Sumatra)FJ493160
T. turbinatio (G)Batang Hari River (Sumatra)FJ493159

Pangasianodon hypophthalmusT. caecus 2 (G)BorneoFJ493152
T. siamensis (S)BorneoFJ493150