Table 2: Results of cophylogenetic analyses calculated in Jane 4 for Thaparocleidus parasites and Pangasiidae fish. The numbers of each event type necessary to reconcile host and parasite trees under different event cost schemes are shown. Event costs in the second column correspond to the following events: cospeciation, duplication, host switch, sorting event, and failure to diverge. The significant values are shown in bold.

ModelEvent costsTotal costCospeciationDuplicationDuplication & host switchSorting eventFailure to diverge value

Jane default model v. 41 1 1 1 1264115100.002
Jane default model v. 30 1 1 2 1 234115100.016
TreeMap default model0 1 1 1 1 224115100.045
TreeMap default model for building a jungle0 2 1 1 1 375105200.270
TreeFitter default model0 0 2 1 1114115200.005
Host switch-adjusted TreeFitter model0 0 1 1 164115100.001
Codivergence adjusted TreeFitter model1 0 1 1 1 80128000.003

Note: the event cost schemes including cost for each evolutionary event are shown in the second column. Because it is assumed that host switch can only occur with duplication event, Jane 4 (unlike Jane 3, TreeMap, and TreeFitter) defined “duplication and host switch” instead of “host switch” with the default cost equal to 2 (i.e., cost of 1 for duplication and 1 for host switch is equivalent in Jane 4 to a cost of 1 for duplication and 2 for “duplication and host switch”). To avoid the misinterpretation of event cost schemes used in this study, in this table we retained the presentation using the classically applied event costs (i.e., cost for duplication and cost for host switch).