Figure 10: Heart tissue sections after injected cardiac endothelial cells intraarterially. FACS sorted GFP positive endothelial cells from atrium were stained with PKH26 (red) and injected intra-arterially via transthoracic injections in the left ventricle into Rag1 null mice ( ). Heart tissues were harvested 14 days after injection and were stained with anti von Willebrand factor followed by secondary Alexa 647 (pseudocolored as magenta). Multifluorescence montage of the injection site revealed transplanted cells exhibited robust angiogenesis as they form numerous vWF+ vessels compared to myocardium distant from the injection site (bottom) in which GFP+/PKH+ cells were not detected. Montage is composed by the following fluorescent monochromatic photos: GFP (green), PKH (red), anti-vWF staining (pseudo color as magenta), and DAPI (blue). Scale bar = 100 μm.