Figure 3: Freshly-sorted cardiac endothelial cells. Comparison of endothelial percentage within CD45− population among age (a) ( ) and gender (b) ( ). (c) The percentage of ECs within CD45− population between atrium and ventricle in 3-month-old mice ( ). (d) q-RT-PCR levels for Flk-1, soluble Flt-1, and VEGF-A of one male (M), one female (F), and freshly FACS-sorted ECs from atrium and ventricle normalized to GAPDH. (e) Representative RT-PCR analysis of freshly FACS-sorted ECs from atrium and ventricle (three females 15–24-month-old) showed expression of endothelial markers Flk-1, Flt-1, Tie-1, Tie-2, vWF, eNOS, VE-Cad, CD31, and CD34 while lacked cardiomyocyte marker NKx2.5 and endocardium marker GATA5. P values were calculated by ANOVA (a) or Student’s t-test (b, c).