Figure 6: Detection of oxidative stress by NT labeling following CCI. (a) Very few NT-immunopositive cells were observed at 0 (also see inset) and 3 hours following CCI; however by 6 and 24 hours (also see inset) this number, and the area of cortical disruption produced by the contusion, had increased markedly. (b) Semiquantification of the NT-positive volume revealed a significant increase at 6 and 24 hours after CCI. Data are expressed as mean ± SD ( ). Asterisk (*) indicates a significant difference between groups based on Tukey-Kramer tests ( values are described in the text). (c) Multiple immunofluorescence staining of NT and cell markers. The NT-positive staining overlapped with that of the neuronal marker, NeuN (green, upper panel), but not with the astroglial marker, GFAP (green, lower panel). The sections were also counterstained with the nuclear dye DAPI (blue).