BioMed Research International / 2013 / Article / Fig 4

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Improvements in the Quantitative Assessment of Cerebral Blood Volume and Flow with the Removal of Vessel Voxels from MR Perfusion Images

Figure 4

Bar charts are used to present measurements of the CBV (a), CBF ((b), (c)), and MTT ((d), (e)) of the brain parenchyma. The bar charts in (b) and (d) are calculated using the sSVD technique, and the bar charts in (c) and (e) are calculated using the cSVD technique. A total of 60 ROIs were used in the measurements. The results are separated into three groups. The normal group consists of 36 ROIs measured from the normal side of the 30 patients. The good collateral (GC) circulation group consists of 12 ROIs measured from the stenotic side of patients with good collateral blood flow (patients #7~12 and #25~30). In the poor collateral (PC) circulation group, the 12 ROIs were placed on the stenotic side for patients with poor collateral blood flow (patients #1~6 and #19~24). In the measurements, (A) all voxels are included, (B) the CSF voxels are removed, (C) the vessel voxels are removed, and (D) both the CSF and vessel voxels are removed.