Research Article

Genotype-Specific Changes in Vitamin B6 Content and the PDX Family in Potato

Figure 2

qRT-PCR expression analysis of StPDX1 and StPDX2 genes in different potato tissues. (a) Pictures taken of tissues used for qRT-PCR analysis. (b) qRT-PCR analysis for StPDX1.1, StPDX1.2, and StPDX2. 1 to 4 are the different developmental tuber stages; M: mature. In this and all subsequent figures, error bars indicate the value of standard deviation, while single asterisks indicate a value of , and two asterisks a value of (one-way ANOVA; values were calculated in relation to the lowest value in each graph). Defender, from tissue culture, 12/23/2009–2/4/2010 (100 d).