Research Article

The Influence of Flightless I on Toll-Like-Receptor-Mediated Inflammation in a Murine Model of Diabetic Wound Healing

Figure 3

Concomitant increase in TLR4 and NF-κB staining occurs with increasing levels of Flii. (A) Representative images for Flii (a)–(c), TLR4 (d)–(f), and NF-κB (g)–(i) immunostaining of the three Flii genotypes (Flii+/−, WT, and ). (B) Graphical representation of (a) Flii, (b) TLR4, and (c) NF-κB in Flii+/−, WT, and day 7 diabetic wounds. * ; ** ; *** ( ) and scale bar = 100 μm.