Figure 1: Lentiviral vectors and timeline of ADSC reprogramming. (a) Lentiviral vectors containing different cardiomyocyte-specific promoters. LTR: long terminal repeat; RRE: Rev-responsive element; Ψ: packaging signal; ATP2A2/GJA1/NPPA/CMV: promoters; neoR: G418 resistance gene; IRES: internal ribosome entry site; GFP: green fluorescent protein; cPPT: central polypurine tract; WPRE: Woodchuck hepatitis virus posttranscription regulatory element. (b) Timeline of the ADSC reprogramming to the formation of CMPs. Lentiviral transduction was performed with pLL-CNG, pLL-ANG, pLL-GNG, and pLL-NNG vectors. 5′-aza: 5′-azacytidine.