Figure 5: Localization of D1R in renal tubules of (a) control rats treated with vehicle, (b) control rats treated with zaprinast, (c) control rats treated with zaprinast plus Sch-23390, (d) PAN-NS rats treated with vehicle, (e) PAN-NS rats treated with zaprinast, and (f) PAN-NS rats treated with zaprinast plus Sch-23390, after volume expansion protocol. Double-immunofluorescence staining visualized by confocal microscopy was performed with polyclonal anti-D1R (red) antibody and monoclonal anti-gp330-megalin (green), colocalization (orange), and Hoechst 33258 stained for nuclei (blue). The images shown are representative of at least six images from 3 to 4 animals. Magnification 200x.