Table 1: Results of immunofluorescence assay (IFA) performed on rabbits infested with Amblyomma triste ticks from the infected group, and results of PCR targeting the rickettsial gene gltA performed on ticks of the infected group, through five consecutive generations (F1–F5) in the laboratory.

Tick stage and generationIFA endpoint titer according to the tick infestation dayNumber of PCR-positive ticks/Number of ticks tested by PCR (% infection)
Day 0Day 21

Larva-F1<64102430/30 (100%)
Nymph-F1<6425620/20 (100%)
Adult-F1<6451210/10 (100%)
Larva-F2<6425630/30 (100%)
Nymph-F2<6425620/20 (100%)
Adult-F2<6425610/10 (100%)
Larva-F3<6451230/30 (100%)
Nymph-F3<6451220/20 (100%)
Adult-F3<64102410/10 (100%)
Larva-F4<6425630/30 (100%)
Nymph-F4<64102420/20 (100%)
Adult-F4<6425610/10 (100%)
Larva-F5<6451230/30 (100%)
Nymph-F5<6451220/20 (100%)