Figure 1: GSH measurements in DCs infected with H37Rv and treated with NAC, L-GSH, or BSO. GSH levels were measured in isolated DCs from healthy subjects that were infected in vitro with H37Rv and treated with various stimulants such as NAC, L-GSH, and BSO, by spectrophotometry using an assay kit from Arbor Assays. All GSH measurements were normalized with total protein levels. Proteins in the cell lysates of DCs were measured by Bradford’s method using a Coomassie protein assay reagent. Results shown are for individuals and analyzed for significance by ANOVA, Dunnett’s multiple comparisons test, comparing all treatment categories to the infected-untreated control. (a) Total GSH (rGSH  +  GSSG), . (b) GSSG, . (c) rGSH was calculated by subtracting measured GSSG concentrations from the measured total GSH concentrations, . (d) Composition of total GSH, represented in percentages of rGSH and GSSG.