(a) MDA-5 expression
(b) IRF-3 expression
(c) IFN- expression
(d) IFN- expression
Figure 4: Expression of MDA-5 (a), IRF-3 (b), IFN-α (c), and IFN-β (d) genes in thymus of chicken infected with virulent of MDV or uninfected control chickens. The groups were as follows: Broiler-control = uninfected broilers, Broiler-MDV = MDV-infected chickens of broilers, EM chicken-control = uninfected chickens of Erlang mountainous chicken, and EM chicken-MDV = MDV-infected chickens of Erlang mountainous chicken. At 4, 7, and 21 d.p.i, six broilers and eight Erlang mountainous chickens of each group were killed. The expression of genes in thymus of every killed chicken was analyzed. Error bars represent standard error of the mean. A: significant difference comparing MDV-infected chickens with uninfected chickens of the same line at the same point. E: significant difference comparing MDV-infected Erlang mountainous chicken with MDV-infected broilers at the same point.