Table 4: Statistical tests usually used in the medical literature.

To test the statistical significance of the difference between...

Two or more proportionsChi-squareNonparametric
Two proportionsFisher’s exactParametric
Two mediansMann-WhitneyNonparametric
Two means -StudentParametric
More than two meansKruskal-Wallis (one-factor)Nonparametric
Two or more than two variances BartlettParametric
More than two meansANOVA (one-factor)Parametric
More than two meansANOVA (more-factors)Parametric
To test the correlation between two variablesSpearman’s rank correlation testNonparametric
To test the correlation between two variablesPearson’s correlation testParametric

Adapted from: Fernandez et al. 2012 [65].