Figure 1: Downregulation of ADAM10 expression affects migration of HepG2 cells. The HepG2 cells were transfected with medium only, the empty vector, the control siRNA, or siRNA against ADAM10. The in vitro migration assay was performed. (a) The effect of ADAM10 knockdown on the migration capability of HepG2 cells. (b) Diagram of the effects of ADAM10 knock-down on the migration capability of HepG2 cells. The membrane was then immersed in Giemsa for 20–30 min at room temperature and washed with water. The cells that had migrated through the pores to the lower surface of the membrane were counted under microscope. The total number of cells in five vision fields including the center and the four corner squares was recorded for each sample. Migration ratios of HepG2 cells were calculated relative to the medium control. * when compared with the medium control.