Table 2: C-type lectins in parasitic infection.

ParasiteReceptorModelIn vivo/in vitro Role Reference

L. donovani MRBALB/c micein vivo/ in vitro Uptake of mannose containing glycoconjugates[48]
MRSwiss albino micein vitro Binding promastigotes[36]
MRhmDMØin vitro Attachment and ingestion promastigotes[49]
L. amazonensis MRSkin Fblsin vitro Uptake of mannosylated ligands[6]
L. major MRBMDMs
MR-KO mice
in vivo Recognizes mannose residues on the surface Leishmania, but it’s not essential for host defense[45]
L. pifanoi DC-SIGNMDDCs
cell line K562
in vitro Binding and internalization of amastigotes[50]
L. pifanoi  
L. infantum
cell lineK562
in vitro Receptor for promastigotes and amastigote infective stages from both visceral and cutaneous leishmaniasis[51]
T. cruzi   
Tulahuen strain
MRBALB/c mice
Cell line J774 (MØ)
in vivo/in vitro Bind to Cz, increasing MR recycling which leads to arginase activity[46]
 Y and DM strainsMRCM and MØin vitro Adhesion and uptake of parasites[52]
T. brucei MGLC57BL/6 mice
BALB/c mice
in vivo Marker of aaMØ[53]
T. muris MRC57BL/6 MR-KO micein vivo/in vitro Recognized components E/S of parasites[47]
S. mansoni MGLCell lines SW948,
SKBR3, ZR75-1
CHO, BLM, FM3.29
FM6, SK23mel
in vitro Recognized LDN and LDNF glycans[54]
MGLHuman DCsin vitro Internalization of glycolipids of SEA[55]
DC-SIGNHuman DCsin vitro Adhesion to glycolipids of SEA[7]
DC-SIGNHuman DCsin vitro Recognize glycans of SEA[56]
L-SIGNCell line K562in vitro Binds to structures Lea,b,y of SEA[8]
L-SINGCell line K562in vitro Binds and internalization of SEA[57]
in vivo/in vitro Recognize antigens of AWA and SEA[9]
Dectin-2C57BL/6in vivo/in vitro Binds SEA component[58]
MRC57BL/6 WT or
in vivo/in vitro Internalization E/S material by schistosome larvae[59]
T. crassiceps
Human DCsin vitro TcES positively modulated the expression of MGL but negatively modulated DC-SIGN[60]

Abbreviations: MR: mannose receptor; DC-SIGN: dendritic cell-specific ICAM-3 grabbing nonintegrin; SIGNR-1: SIGN-related 1; homologe DC-SIGN; mMGL: macrophage galactose type c-lectin; L-SIGN: liver/lymph node-specific ICAM-3 grabbing nonintegrin; Fbls: fibroblasts; BMDMs: bone marrow-derived macrophages; MDDCs: monocyte-derived dendritic cells; IMDDCs: immature monocyte-derived DCs; MØ: macrophages; CM: cardiomyocyte; Cz: cruzipaina; E/S: excretory/secretory; LDN: [GalNAcβ1–4GlcNAc-R]; LDNF: [GalNAcβ1–4(Fucα1–3)GluNAc-R]; SEA: soluble egg antigens; Le: structures of Lewis; AWA: adult worm antigen; TcES: Taenia crassiceps excreted-secreted antigens.