Table 1: Maternal characteristics.

Values (%)

Total number70
Age (years)
Familiarity for diabetes
 None32 (46)
 I degree relatives10 (14)
 II degree relatives28 (40)
Familiarity for cardiovascular diseases
 None39 (56)
 I degree relatives19 (27)
 II degree relatives12 (17)
Familiarity for hypertension
 None35 (50)
 I degree relatives27 (39)
 II degree relatives8 (11)
Familiarity for dyslipidemia
 None47 (67)
 I degree relatives17 (24)
 II degree relatives6 (9)
Previous abortions22 (31)
No. of pregnancy >25 (7)
Smoking19 (27)
Hypertension6 (9)
Diabetes9 (13)
Dyslipidemia3 (4)
BMI before pregnancy (Kg/m2)
Weight before pregnancy (Kg)
Weight after pregnancy (Kg)
Height before pregnancy (cm)

Values are expressed as numbers and related percentages. BMI: body mass index.