Table 1: Clinical and demographic characteristics of patients with LL.


Disease duration (years), mean ± SD10 ± 7.9
Age, mean ± SD54.63 ± 15.92
 Female (%)36
 Male (%)62
Family history (%)38
Bacilloscopy (%, ++/+++)100
Mitsuda test (%, negatives)100
Treatment PCT (%)56
New cases (non-Tx, %)44

Quantitative variables are expressed as means ± standard deviations (SD) and qualitative variables as frequencies and percentages (%) as noted. LL: lepromatous leprosy. PCT: polychemotherapy (Rifampin, Clofazimine, Dapsone). Tx: treatment. Family history refers to at least one first grade family who has been infected with leprosy bacillus. Bacilloscopy samples were taken from ear smear.