Figure 1: NKDCs produce IFN-γ in the presence of NKT cells following α-GC stimulation. (a-b) Splenocytes isolated from B6 WT, CD1d KO, and Vα14 TCR Tg mice were stimulated with either PBS or α-GC (100 ng/mL) for 16 hours in vitro. (a) Intracellular IFN-γ production and surface CD69 expression were measured by flow cytometry in α-GC/CD1d dimer+-gated NKT cells ( ). (b) Intracellular IFN-γ production was assessed in NK cells (NK1.1+CD11cTCRβ ), NKDCs (NK1.1+CD11c+TCRβ ), and DCs (NK1.1CD11c+TCRβ ) by flow cytometry. Top, representative FACS plots; bottom, summary. The mean values ± SD ( , , ) are shown. Representative data from two independent experiments are shown. (c) Either α-GC (2 μg) or PBS was i.p. injected into B6 WT mice. The intracellular expression of IFN-γ was measured in NK cells (NK1.1+CD11cTCRβ ), NKT cells (NK1.1+CD11cTCRβ +), NKDCs (NK1.1+CD11c+TCRβ ), and DCs (NK1.1CD11c+TCRβ ) using flow cytometry at the indicated time points.