Table 1: S. cerevisiae strains and plasmids used in this study.

Relevant genotypeSource/reference

 CEN.PK102-3AMATα leu2-3,  112 ura3-52 [17]
 BSW1A1CEN.PK102-3A derivative; {YIp5-ara}This work
 BSW1AYCEN.PK102-3A derivative; {YIp5-ara, pYX242}This work
 BSW1A7CEN.PK102-3A derivative; {YIp5-ara, pYX2422-HXT7araA}This work
 BSW1ATCEN.PK102-3A derivative; {YIp5-ara, pYX2422-TEF1araA}This work
 BSW2APBSW1AT, gre3  (−241,  +338):: TPI1p-RKI1-RKI1t-PGK1p-TAL1-TAL1t-FBA1p-TKL1-TKL1t-ADH1p-RPE1-RPE1t-loxP This work
 BSW3APBSW2AP, selected for oxygen-limited growth on L-arabinoseThis work
 BSW3AGBSW3AP derivative; {pJFE318-GAL2}This work
 pUG6E. coli plasmid with segment LoxP-KanMX4-LoxP [18]
 pJPPP3pUC19-based yeast integration plasmid, containing GRE3-targeting recombinant arms, overexpression cassette of Sc-TAL1, Sc-TKL1, Sc-RPE1, Sc-RKI1, and selectable marker loxP-KanMX4-loxP [19]
 YEp24-PGKp2μ URA3 [20]
 pHXYEp24-PGKp PGK1p::HXT7p This work
 YIp5Integration plasmid, Ura3 [21]
 YIp5-araYIp5-HXT7p-araA-PGK1t-HXT7p-araB-PGK1t-HXT7p-araD-PGK1t, and selectable marker loxP-KanMX4-loxP This work
 pYX2422μ LEU2 [22]
 pYX242-WSpYX242-PGK1t-TEF1p This work
 pYX2422-TEF1araA pYX242-PGK1t-TEF1p-araA This work
 pYX2422-HXT7araA pYX242-PGK1t-HXT7p-araA This work
 pJFE32μ URA3 [23]
 pJFE3-GAL2 pJFE3-TEF1p-GAL2-PGK1t This work
 pJFE318-GAL2 pJFE3-GAL2 URA3::KanMX4 This work